Top 10 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Efforts Successful

If you want to succeed with digital marketing, it’s essential to study and understand all the channels and tactics available to you. Here are our top 10 ways to make your digital marketing efforts successful.

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Efforts Successful
Top 10 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing Efforts Successful

There is no doubt that digital marketing is crucial when it comes to the success of any business no matter what industry you are in. digital marketing helps us to directly see what customers want. With the increase in digital marketing data, tools, analytics and digital marketing software, it is far easier to see actual online customer behavior.

Digital marketing strategy encompasses a range of marketing activities such as content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing and more. So we’ve compiled a list of the digital marketing tricks and tactics used by all the famous business brands in the world.

1. Social Media Marketing

We’ve all heard of the good old term social media marketing. We are all familiar with the ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ of posts on social media but do you know what impact it can have on your online performance? 

Social media has been going on for years but with the increase of digital marketing software, it is easier than ever to create a quality Social media campaign. It is not only an effective way to increase your sales but it is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy.

It is considered one of the most important digital marketing tactics as it is frequently tried. Although much more is being done with Social media marketing these days than ever before, it is now becoming even wider than before.

2. Content Marketing

One of the most well-known business tricks used is content marketing. These marketing campaigns revolve around the creation and publishing of valuable, targeted content that your customer would want to read. Use content to create loyalty, bring in new customers and engage your current customers.

Customer loyalty programs are another useful business trick that can help your business to grow. What is so great about them is that they provide your customers with different ways to interact with your brand and interact with other customers.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is used in businesses to convert traffic from website visitors into customers. Google ranks email marketing above other forms of digital marketing and is often very effective at driving traffic from email newsletters.

In 2009, email marketing accounted for 72.9% of all email marketers’ revenue. 

In fact, one study found that 57% of marketers send six emails per week and nearly 85% of marketers send between two and three emails a week.

Remember, when working with email marketing there is no need to include large quantities of clutter in your email. Use the right subject line for the right person and your audience will see them as relevant.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize how much their business relies on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in order to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your website will enable it to rank higher on search engine results pages. 

On SEO, you need to write quality content for each web page in order to drive organic traffic. The content should have information relevant to your business, followed by a strong headline that presents the information in an actionable format. Remember to use your keywords in the headline of your content as Google search will consider them as search words, and search engine rankings will be given to these words.

5. Mobile Marketing

This is the king of all marketing. However, you’ve probably been hearing about it for a while now and it’s still to be found out. Here are some of the elements of mobile marketing.

The challenge of finding the right customers in the sea of mobile users is growing. In 2016, the number of people using smartphones to access the internet reached a staggering 2.5 billion devices. Mobile operators have to help their customers to retain their interest and make the most of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is a vital part of any social media marketing strategy. This is how you will find out what your target audience is looking for, what they are interested in or even what they don’t want to talk about.

6. Video Marketing

In this modern era, more and more businesses are switching to video marketing for more and more businesses. A majority of companies in the medical industry, professional service industry, technology sector, financial services sector and marketing sector have started using video marketing to attract their customers and promote their services online. 

From health insurance agencies, legal representation firms, nonprofit organizations to shops, restaurants and dental clinics. With video marketing, a small business can reach out to a broad audience in less time and more effectively than ever.

As a business owner, one of the most popular trends online right now is e-commerce. But not all businesses take advantage of it.

7. Landing Pages

While they might be free to use, when properly implemented, landing pages can help the customer journey in ways that aren't practical with other marketing tactics. Landing pages are designed to attract customers and guide them through the checkout funnel. This is why landing pages are so highly important for your small business because it has the potential to set your brand apart from the competition.

A fundamental piece of small business digital marketing is landing pages. No matter what industry you're in, this one is a mandatory step in the customer journey. When done properly, landing pages can have a huge impact on how your customers experience your brand.

8. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the newest digital marketing trend that has seen a lot of traction. This marketing trend is also called “narrative marketing.” It is the utilization of a target audience or group of interested people to promote your product or services. Influencers are people who have the ears of the target audience.

What makes this digital marketing strategy stand out is the quality of the influencers chosen for the marketing. They are regular people with relevant knowledge and influence. You are free to choose the influencer who suits your business.

9. Quality of Services and Products

Analyze your analytics to see what digital marketing tactics are working for you today! Quality and loyalty provide you best and real digital marketing insights. So, you can make informed decisions and take action. Use digital marketing tools available in the market and resources to help with social media, SEO, ad campaigns, email marketing, web development and other digital marketing tactics.

10. Understanding Customer's Needs

Understanding customers, and getting them to what they really need is the biggest tactics in the digital world. Looking for free traffic, but not sure what to do? With Google Analytics, you can find out what traffic is coming to your site and what pages are the most relevant, so you can optimize your website and the landing pages.

Some simple tests for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns:

Does the e-mail send have a bounce rate of more than 50%? Does the landing page show a high bounce rate? If you set up an A/B test, test a landing page against the landing page before and after the A/B test.

To increase your sales by 10% is tough, to make it by 100% takes some serious effort. Every day we explore digital marketing that can take your business to the next level.