5 Digital Marketing Techniques That Actually Work for Businesses

There are many different types of digital marketing techniques. But how many of them will actually work for your business? Find out today from our experts.

5 Digital Marketing Techniques That Actually Work for Businesses
Digital Marketing Techniques

The process of creating and implementing the right online marketing plan that works can be a challenge, especially because there are so many strategies and concepts that are currently being discussed in the field of marketing.

A well-planned digital marketing strategy can boost sales for products or services and differentiate your company from your competitors.

With all these advantages it's obvious that you must test new strategies in digital marketing and continuously review your marketing strategy. It isn't easy to know the best digital marketing method to apply. To aid you we've created five online marketing techniques that are effective.


1) Utilizing User-Generated Content

User-generated content, commonly referred to as UGC refers to any content created by users. In general, UGC is accessible to the public through social media. UGC may be photos or videos, blog posts reviews, blog posts, and so on. UGC can be a means for businesses to promote themselves by leveraging other people. In enticing loyal customers to write and share online articles about your brand, you'll be able to create a collection of user-generated content that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

An example of a highly successful UGC method is GoPro's use for user-generated videos. GoPro captures videos that are made on their products by users and then publishes them through their channel on YouTube. Through the sharing of user-generated content and encouraging users to make more videos of their experiences and upload them to YouTube.

2) Utilizing Instagram Features

Instagram is still an extremely well-known social media site that helps generate sales and build an existing customer base. Instagram is an ideal way to build your brand as it offers the opportunity for your business to share beautiful images and videos of their products and services, and also communicate information about your company and engage people, thereby building loyal customers.

A few of Instagram's features include Reels that allow users to post vertical, short-form videos. Instagram Stories is an excellent tool that permits users to regularly post content or share news and information, and even use stickers to communicate information about their company. Another feature that your business must use, particularly in the case of trying to sell your products are Instagram Shopping. It allows customers to buy directly through your Instagram account.

Many online stores of different categories make use of Instagram Shopping to tag its products on its posts with pricing and information. This makes their items easier to locate and showcases the items in a way that users can shop easily for any products or services right when they come across something they're looking to buy.

3) Create A Blog

Blog posts continue to be the most popular type of content over the last few years. Engaging blogs can bring leads and drive customers to your site. Additionally, blogs can boost the social media presence of your company and aid in ranking with long-tail keywords. The regular updates of blogs will allow users to navigate your website faster through search engines.

The blog that's proven particularly successful is Mastercard's Travel blog, which serves customers to learn more about traveling while using the Mastercard credit card in order to make payments for their trips. The blog is a source of information on the topics of travel, such as entertainment, culture and arts as well as health and wellness as well as cooking classes.

4) Focus on the Audience You Want to Reach

Knowing your target market is essential because it lets you create content that accurately represents the demographics of your target audience and their interests. The term "target audience" refers to the people who are likely to be interested in purchasing your products or services. It may include gender, age, income, place of residence, interest, location, and much more.

Although Red Bull is known for its energy drinks, they also are closely connected to sports that are extreme. Instead of solely advertising energy drinks, Red Bull captivates its fans with its content on extreme sports. This is a fantastic illustration of a brand that adapts its content to its target audience's lifestyle, instead of simply promoting its product.

5) Leveraging the Power of Creative Videos

The incorporation of videos into a digital marketing plan can assist your business to get people's attention, whether videos are used for organic purposes or in conjunction with advertisements. The use of video content in marketing is increasing and a report from Google shows that the majority of people prefer to watch online videos instead of watching television. There are more platforms to post videos than there ever were. For instance, businesses can publish videos naturally through platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Furthermore, videos with short durations are a great approach to engage new audiences, like advertisements that pre-roll on YouTube.

Geico used advertisements that preroll on YouTube and developed a successful campaign that focused on making the most of the initial five seconds of the advertisement. Because YouTube users tend to skim a pre-roll advert rather than watching the entire film, Geico named the campaign "Unskippable Videos." The campaign featured four different advertisements that ran for about 15 seconds each and all with the voice-over that read, "You can't skip this Geico advertisement, as it's over." The campaign, which was a comedy one, was not just attention-grabbing, but also completely monopolized the use of original videos.


Produce a Successful Strategy

If you're up to current on the latest digital marketing strategies that are working, it's time to develop a strategy. Discuss with your team or marketing agency the best ways to make use of these strategies. Take note of which strategy will work most effectively for your company.

Take a look at the products and services your business offers and decide which approach will be the most effective in achieving your marketing goals. Note down the steps you'll undertake to meet your objectives. Utilizing these popular digital marketing techniques can boost your brand's image and take your business to the next step.