5 Seconds Rules of Engagement for Social Media

Every day on the internet you absorb an amount of info, here are rules of engagement and useful hacks to create more awareness that can get results.

5 Seconds Rules of Engagement for Social Media
5 Seconds Rules of Engagement for Social Media

Scrolling...we do it for a long time, and we spend an amount of our time doing it, and an awful lot of our work time hoping our content will convince people to stop!

If you are carrying the phone then you have greater information access. People are constantly concentrated on seeking information on Tweets, TikToks and memes, advertisements or tales, Snapchat, Pinterest, news, etc. Therefore, it's not surprising that we've created an in-built screening method that lets us filter and scroll with lightning speed. 5 Seconds Rules of Engagement is more important to you if you wanted to show your 2 or 3 days' efforts.

It's great for us as it means that our brains aren't in overdrive trying to gather and organize all the data that comes our way. However, for marketers, it's not as good because it means that we need to create something jaw-dropping so that the scrolling stops.

Impact starts with intent:

The truth is that you only have more than 5 seconds to catch an individual's attention...to truly stand out in the crowd and create an impression. Rules of engagement are that effect may vary including making people laugh to causing them to click your read More button or visiting your website and then becoming part of your nurturing program. The first thing you should be thinking about when you're making material of all kinds is to take into consideration what you intend to accomplish with the piece.

Your intention will determine the language you select, the tone you choose, the images you include as well as the music you play on your platform and the format you will be delivering it to. Whichever platform you pick it is important to let your pride go and accept that you're one of many competing for attention, laughs and engagement.

It's not as simple as producing a lot of content, then throwing it around in the hope that something sticks You must create great content to build recognition according to rules of engagement. Awareness can be the very first thing in creating more clicks, savings and even paying customers.

''Build it and they will Be There!''

A slang phrase that is used a lot and irritates because it's hard to tell people what you've constructed and how to find it if not announce it! This is where the importance of awareness is crucial, as well as it is crucial to building a brand with consistency that can increase revenues by up to 23 percent.

If you're just beginning an awareness campaign for your brand, ensure you've covered the basics before you start creating content.

Write down exactly what you're trying to accomplish the goal, who you'd like to focus on and how to get them there. It's also helpful to think about the things you consider successful. Do you need more visitors to visit your site? Want to increase the number of customers to sign up to your email list? Need more followers or likes? After you've worked it all out, it's time to apply the pedal on the gas and start experimenting using some of the clickable contents.

Five Second Rule

From awareness to awareness This takes our minds back in those unforgettable five seconds! With the amount of information we absorb every day, you must be able to produce something that is captivating and stops people in their slow tracks.

The truth is that it's far from the fact that people who consume content have shorter attention spans than goldfish's We're simply being more selective regarding whom and what we pay the time of day.

How do you go with it? 

A wacky approach to a news story Unpopular or shocking opinion, a hilarious hack or hilarious Short videos is more than appealing to customers’ emotional side rather than their rational brain.

Whichever way you apply rules of engagement, the first five seconds of your content need to grab the attention of the viewer and tell them about what's to be in store and what it means to them. These crucial seconds could win you the attention of a new generation of followers or leave you in the cyberspace wilderness waiting that someone to pass by and join in the course of a chance game.


>> Useful Hacks to Get Them Hooked

You're now champion at the chance to start writing and get others interested however if you're staring at the blank page, wait for the spark to come through. Here are some tips to get you started with the engagement rules!

In the world of Instagram, you can be anything, you should be Instagram-worthy! Spend the time creating original appealing, captivating and eye-catching images that show your passions. Don't make use of the same stock photos as others, think about the ways you can differentiate yourself.


> Headlines that Hit hard

On average, headlines are read five times more often than those read in body copy. Once you've composed your headline, you've made seventy to eighty cents from your budget.

Write catchy, short headlines that entice readers to read more, but avoid clickbait-type headlines because they only cause readers to lose trust in your work and the content you provide.


> It's Business But it's also personal

When you spend into consideration your target audience, you can tailor the content you distribute not just in terms of promotions but also the language you use to reach various audiences, and the frequency you'll send your content out based on their location and the times they're more likely to interact with you.

If you're a wedding coordinator, you're less likely to receive engagement offers posted at 10 am on a Monday, when your ideal client is working rather than at 8 pm on Saturday as they're relaxing with glasses of wine and browsing for ideas.


> Pop Quiz Hot Shot

The trend of going all-in on interactive is in the spotlight right now. If you're a fan of Linkedin as well as an Insta Addict, you'll see hundreds of quizzes, polls and Q&A articles, etc. every day.

You're likely to know your strippers' names are and what you'd be wearing as an animal, or if you'll make Santa's naughty or good list for this Christmas...we aren't able to resist!

If you're impressed with these engaging posts, people will too, so start experimenting!


> Be trendy

The process of researching trends can take long, and time is something you have to devote, so join Google Trends and find out what's being talked and then join in the conversation by introducing the content you create.

Utilize headlines, images or interactive polls to break into the custard, and you'll be off!

Make sure they are paying attention and establish a long-lasting relationship with rules of engagement that will keep returning customers every time!